Stereo Tool: Version history
2007/03/18 v2.10 Added single bass speaker mode. This solves bass sound cancellation issues if a single bass speaker is used.
Added an automatic phasing (azimuth) detection and correction filter. This improves the sound of some recordings (including many cheap CDs with old music) and tapes. Bug fix: "libguide" conflict with other plugins and SAM4 MP3 output resolved.
2006/10/03 v2.05 Bug fix: Presets pulldown menu now functions properly on all Windows versions (many thanks to Bob Evans for telling me how to solve it!)
2006/09/12 v2.04 Bug fix: Stereo Tool now correctly displays the output bars also when the Windows font size has been changed.
2006/09/07 v2.03 Sound quality improvement: Improved handling of very low frequencies. The rumbling sound that was sometimes present in older versions is now almost completely eliminated.
2006/06/13 v2.02 Bug fix: Stereo Tool now also supports non-32 bits displays. 32 and 16 bits displays are supported in color, others in black and white.
2006/05/26 v2.01 Fixed a bug that caused Stereo Tool not to be recognized correctly by SpacialAudio software such as SAM3 and the Winamp DSP Stacker plugin.
2006/05/03 v2.0 Added a lowpass filter.
Added Load, Save and Reset button functionality.
Added presets.
Added minimize/iconify option, and startup minimized setting.
Added 8, 24 and 32 bits audio support.
Added different interfaces (simple, normal, extended).
Added multiband limiter/compressor slider.
Added singleband limiter/compressor slider.
Added a channel delay slider, for fake stereo.
Greatly reduced CPU usage, SSE2 support for P4 added.
Added sound quality setting to further reduce the CPU usage.
Output displays are now drawn on screen as bitmaps instead of progress bars. This gives better results, especially on Windows XP.
Increased the down speed setting range, changed the way these values are displayed.
Settings are now saved in the default INI file directory instead of C:\ .
Added a help website instead of the old text file.
2005/10/02 v1.12 Extremely high CPU load problem fixed, could (at least theoretically) occur on some Winamp versions or with some audio formats.
2005/09/27 v1.11 Lockup problem fixed, when "stop" is pressed in WinAmp lockups should not occur anymore.
2005/09/23 v1.1 Initial release
2004/11/16 v1.0 Initial unreleased version
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