Tape Restore Live! for Winamp

Help: Tape Restore Live!: The Dolby B removing filter

Before using this filter, it needs to be calibrated to match the Dolby B encoder that was used when creating the recording, and the PC recording volume. Dolby B volume calibration describes how to calibrate it.

This filter offers the following settings:
    Turn this on to hear the sound that is removed by the Dolby B remover. Probably not very useful.

  • pc recording volume
    This slider should be calibrated. See Dolby B volume calibration for a detailed description.

    This slider must correspond to the recording volume that was used when digitizing the cassette tape. So, if the PC recording volume was set to a higher volume, this slider must also be set higher.

    If this filter is set higher, the Dolby B removing filter will kick in harder (resulting in a duller sound). Setting it lower results in a sharper sound.
The sound that is removed by the Dolby B remover is displayed as the dark blue area (and the light pink are at the top) in the following image:

The filter that is offered by Tape Restore Live! is not a real software Dolby B filter, but it is a close enough approximation to get a decent sound. Because of that it is referred to as a software Dolby B remover instead of a software Dolby B filter.
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